5 Tips To Help Combat Computer vision syndrome

One of the biggest contributions of the recent pandemic to the world has been the concept of ‘Work From Home’. This isn’t just limited to just corporate conglomerates saving on office supplies by asking their employees to work from home, but also colleges, universities and even schools have recently become a part of the environment that functions solely on screens. Mobile phones, Tablets and Personal Computers have taken up more mental and vision space than they ever did in the history of humanity. And while that was indeed convenient in some respects, it has its fair share of issues. Computer Vision Syndrome is one of them.

What is Computer Vision Syndrome?

Excessive screen timing resulting in irritation, dryness and redness of the eyes along with digital eye strain is what folks refer to as The Computer Vision Syndrome. It is not a novel condition. But due to the overuse of screens in the last decade, it is definitely something that cannot be ignored. Oftentimes, after or during our viewing or working sessions, we feel a sense of dryness, itchiness in our eyes. We feel teary and it gets irritating to the point of sheer annoyance and, at times, pain. The symptoms of this include blurred vision, double vision, dry eyes, eye discomfort, eye fatigue, eye itching, eye redness, eye tearing, headaches, body alignment problems etc.

How to Combat Computer Vision Syndrome?

  1. Blinking With Proper Positioning And Alignment : As simple as it sounds, we often forget to blink at times when we are focused on the screens. Always remind yourself to blink as it gives the much needed buffering time to your eye glands, moisturizes your eyes and resets them. We often go through headaches and neck problems as a symptom of CVS. Proper positioning of your screens(4- 5 inches above eye level and at an arm's length) helps to get rid of the symptoms.
  2. Zoom-ins- Squinting is an exercise. It is exhausting and tiring for your eyes. Always enlarge the font sizes of your texts if you ever feel that they need squinting. Keep your vision as free as possible. The more relaxed your muscles around your eyes are, the more relaxed it gets.
  3. Anti-Glare methods: Using a glare filter or reducing screen glares often help tremendously with Computer Vision Syndrome. The glares exhaust your eyes and make you squint, which is unhealthy for your overall vision.
  4. Proper Postures while working: Sitting straight, at a proper angle depending on the positioning of the screens helps with neck and shoulder issues.
  5. Looking into the Distance: Every once in a while during screen time, look away from the screen and into the distance(preferably 20 feet away from you). This relaxes your eyes and rejuvenates them for another session of eye strain. Do it once every 15-20 minutes.

More Tips & Advices

  1. Lubricants: Eye Lubricants moisturize the eyes and keep them from getting dry. They are a quick fix and often help get back on track after episodes of severe eye irritation. It is mandatory that you always consult your physician before getting eye drops. And always keep an eye on side effects before putting them to use.
  2. Staying Hydrated: It's not rocket science why you should stay hydrated. Make sure you have enough fluids and water.
  3. Blue Ray blocking spectacles/ glasses: They help in minimizing the glare and making the screen feel more calm, hence resulting in a more tolerable screen time and reducing computer eye strain.
  4. A healthy Work Environment: Stress is a norm in current times, not a hazard. In these tough times, it is a must to have a healthy work environment. Stress often affects our bodies in more ways than one and that can be seen through your eyes(those times when people can see your exhaustion through your eyes). Having a healthy sleep schedule is a must. And taking care of oneself is primary.

It is no secret that the grind won't stop anytime soon. It affects us in more ways than one. Computer Vision Syndrome is rampaging throughout the world like a pandemic and it is up to us how we take care of it. Follow these little instructions and you will be swimming in the waters of endless computer screens a little more smoothly.

Computer vision syndrome treatment often varies from person to person. If any of the above-mentioned symptoms are hampering your work or life in general, please feel free to contact us to book an appointment!

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