ICL Surgery In Delhi

Implantable Collamer Lens Surgery

Why ICL?

The Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL) Surgery is a surgery that can help you to get rid of the eye glasses or contact lenses. Unlike other vision correction surgeries, in this procedure, a thin clear lens is surgically implanted into the eye. Through this surgery, an ophthalmologist cures any refractive vision errors, such as Myopia or Astigmatism.

This procedure is ideal for those who look forward to vision correction without the need for corneal tissue removal. Rather, in this surgery, the Phaki intraocular lens gets implanted right into the eyes. It is placed in front of the natural lens and behind the iris. The ICL lens acts like the natural eye lens. One won’t need to remove the lens as it is implanted permanently.

The best part of this surgical process is that you can lead a normal life within a short time.


ICL Surgery has been approved by US-FDA. It is considered to be the safest procedure for vision correction.


Switzerland and the United States are the chief supplier for the different types of Implantable Collamer Lens. The order is taken based on the measurement of the eyes. The two types of lens are:

  • 1. ICL Spherical: The spherical power gets rectified by the Spherical ICL Lens
  • 2. ICL Toric: The cylindrical power gets rectified by the Toric ICL Lens.

Advantages of ICL

With a satisfaction percentage of 99%, more than 5 lakh implantations has taken place with proper certification and under specialized supervision of eye surgeons.
Following are some of the advantages:

  • The vision of a person significantly improves
  • Quick results can be observed
  • Speedy recovery process
  • ICL offers UV ray protection
  • The lens is fully biocompatible
  • Complete freedom from reading glasses or contact lenses
  • Improved vision, even at night
  • Gets rid of dry eye syndrome
  • No need of lens maintenance

Candidate Eligibility

  • The candidate’s age should be minimum 18 years
  • There must be no other eye disease
  • In case of glass users there must be no major changes in the power within a year
  • The patient shouldn’t have diabetics
  • In case of women, pregnancy and breastfeeding will not be eligible

Like all other vision correction methods, this surgery also offers improved vision. There is no modification of the original tissue. As the lens is permanently placed into the eyes, it does not move from its place. Thus, it is able to correct both the cylindrical and the spherical power.If we compare it with the normal contact lens then, it needs to be placed and removed from the eyes on a daily basis. Even if LASIK is considered the best procedure for vision correction but it comes with some restrictions as everyone can’t opt for LASIK.
So it can be said that the ICL Surgery is ideal for those who can’t be a candidate for other vision correction surgeries.

Indications for ICL

Here are some clear indications for considering ICL surgery. They are:

  • The cornea becomes as thin as 450 microns
  • Cornea becoming detrimental with keratoconus
  • The range of eye power will be within -8 dioptres to -8 dioptres
  • The cylindrical eye power will be more than 3.5 dioptres
  • The eyes start to become dry

ICL Surgery Cost In Delhi

The cost of the ICL procedure in Delhi depends on a number of factors. The experience of the surgeon to the technique to be followed for the surgery would determine the cost.

Best Surgeon for ICL Surgery

Dr. Surya Kant Jha is the best surgeon for ICL Surgery.


It is by far the safest procedure for correcting vision. Among all the vision correction procedures, the ICL is the only one that meets the high safety standards of US-FDA.

If the surgeon fails to place the ICL correctly, it can increase the pressure in the eye and cause glaucoma. It can even reduce the fluid circulation of your eyes and increases the chances of cataract formation. Other than this, infection, retinal detachment, inflammation, and loss of corneal endothelial cells can take place. However, complications after the surgery are pretty rare.

ICL is overall a pretty painless procedure. Some patients might feel a gritty sensation for a few days after the procedure. However, this sensation subsides as the eyes start to heal.

Before having ICL, you have to go through a screening procedure to make sure your eyes are healthy and suitable for the implantation surgery. During the screening, the doctor will take your complete eye health and medical history. The doctor will also check your eyes thoroughly to measure your pupils, the distances between the irises, and count the number of cells on the back of the cornea.

Patients can start eating food after a few hours of the surgery. This surgical procedure doesn’t interfere with the eating process. After the surgery, you will need to take some medicines. Oral hygiene maintenance is important.

You can consult with the surgeon about the placement and the degree of depth that one expects.