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Contoura Vision Lasik Surgery in Delhi

Contoura Vision-The most Advanced Laser Vision Correction

Eterna Vision & Aesthetics is the leading center offering Contoura Vision surgery in Delhi. One of the most successful surgeries in the field of eye care is contoura vision in Delhi. It is the process of removing specs and correcting the vision through a laser. This process is more successful because of the way it is performed.

Contoura Vision helps doctors to rectify any sort of corneal irregularities. It simultaneously works on correcting the visual axis of the eyes. Due to its extraordinary feature, it is unsurpassed by any other processes and provides much more visual sharpness than others. At Eterna Vision and Aesthetics, our eye specialist Dr. Surya Kant Jha can guide you in the right direction. You can rely on our team for trustworthy Contoura Vision treatment in Delhi.


Contoura Vision Surgery has been approved by the US FDA. It is considered to be the safest procedure for specs removal.

Advantages of Contoura Vision

  • Pain Less: To make the process painless patients are given anesthetic eye drops before the laser surgery to numb their pain.
  • Blade Less: The entire surgery is performed by using a laser. Hence no other types of surgical tools like a blade, knife, etc., are used.
  • Safe Surgery: It is the most advanced and safest procedure in the entire world. The process can achieve a 100% result.
  • Stitch Less: As the surgery does not involve any type of cutting and opening, so there is no need for any stitches.
  • Hospitalization: There is no necessity to be hospitalized as the treatment is very quick and pain-free.

Corneal Irregularities

The process maps 22000 unique elevation points with a special tool known as a copolymer. This results in the removal of corneal irregularities. It enhances the quality and sharpness of the vision by making the surface of the cornea smooth.

Visual Axis

Treatment of contoura vision works on the natural seeing axis i.e. the visual axis which further improves the vision of the eye while other procedures of treatment treat on the pupillary axis.

Who is the Right Candidate for this Procedure?

Anyone cannot undergo a contoura vision procedure. A detailed check-up of the eye and health history must be done by an ophthalmologist to get surety of getting benefited from the treatment. Detailed planning must be done by a team of doctors before undergoing such treatment.

The prime criteria to be eligible for contoura vision surgery is 18 yrs of age and the patient must not have any type of vascular and immunodeficiency problems.

Evolution of Contoura Vision

For many centuries innovations have taken place for correcting vision. In Europe during the 13th century, eyeglasses were manufactured. In the late 19th century contact lenses were created in Switzerland. It was molded from hand-blown glasses.

Development in correcting errors in refraction continued. A Russian ophthalmologist came up with the idea of radial keratotomy. It is a surgical method to cure short-sightedness that developed around the 1970s. It is done to alter the cornea’s curvature. To cure astigmatism of certain types radial keratotomy is still in practice.

To adjust the contours of the human eye excimer lasers were used by several ophthalmologists during the late 1980s. During the early 1990s, the U.S. FDA approved this method known as photorefractive keratectomy. The method of RK and PRK has been redefined by laser-assisted in-situ keratomileuses commonly known as LASIK.

Comparison between Contoura Vision & LASIK

Specs Removal Yes Yes
Recovery Immediate Fast
Visual Acuity Yes No
Treats Irregularity of Cornea and Optics Issues of the Pupil
Safe Yes Yes
Tissue Saving Yes Yes

Best Hospital for Contoura Vision in Delhi

When considering the best hospital for Contoura Vision in Delhi, Eterna Vision & Aesthetics emerges as a highly reputable and trusted option. Eterna Vision & Aesthetics is renowned for its commitment to excellence in the field of vision correction. The contoura vision clinic in Delhi boasts a team of experienced and skilled ophthalmic surgeons, Dr. Surya Kant Jha, known for their proficiency in advanced vision correction techniques. Eterna Vision & Aesthetics is equipped with cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring precise and personalized Contoura Vision procedures for each patient. Moreover, patient satisfaction and safety are paramount here, with a track record of successful outcomes and reduced complications. The facility's dedication to delivering optimal visual results, reducing visual disturbances, and enhancing overall eye health makes it a compelling choice for individuals seeking Contoura Vision correction in Delhi. When it comes to your vision and eye health, Eterna Vision & Aesthetics stands out as a recommended top contoura vision center in Delhi for exceptional care and superior outcomes.

Contoura Vision Surgery Cost in Delhi

Being an advanced treatment for eye care, contoura vision surgery in Delhi comes with a high price tag. The estimated cost of Bladeless Contoura Vision cost in Delhi would fall between Rs 95000 and Rs 1,15,000. However, the cost would vary depending on several factors, such as the complexity of the procedure, expertise, training, and the equipment that the ophthalmologist would use for carrying out the surgery.

Best Surgeon For Contoura Vision in Delhi

Dr. Surya Kant Jha is the best surgeon for contoura vision in Delhi. Contoura Vision is the latest advancement in eyeglass removal by laser vision correction. Contoura vision in Delhi is one of the latest technologies used to correct eye vision. Selecting the most suitable contoura vision surgeon requires considering several crucial factors. These include evaluating the surgeon's overall experience, reviewing patient testimonials, examining the diagnostic process, assessing treatment recommendations, considering the contoura vision specialist's track record in terms of surgeries performed, and examining the rate of positive outcomes.


Contoura Vision Surgery is completely safe. Amongst the various surgeries, this surgery meets the highest standard of safety. After all, this surgery makes use of topography guided technology and targets only that part of the cornea that needs to be corrected.

Contoura Vision makes use of a topography instrument, known as Topolyzer for measuring the peak as well as the valley on the eye front, the cornea to a precise degree. Contoura Vision can measure 22000 points of corneal surface. This helps surgeons to rectify the vision with precision.

The cost of Contoura Vision surgery depends on a number of factors. Hence, it is better to talk with your surgeon before going ahead with the surgery.

Benefits may include improved visual acuity, reduced visual disturbances (like halos and glare), and reduced dependence on glasses or contact lenses.

Most patients can return to their normal activities within a day or two. However, it may take a few weeks to achieve optimal visual results.