Can Computer Syndrome Cause Permanent Damage?

Computer vision syndrome is simply the digital eye strain that happens due to prolonged usage of phones, computers, systems, or any kind of digital screen and generally develops eye and vision problems in people. It has been observed that most people feel some kind of discomfort after being in front of digital screens for long hours and this discomfort to the eyes increases with increasing digital screen time. Initially, we tend to ignore this little discomfort until it starts hampering our day-to-day work with improper discomfort and focus leading to permanent vision issues.

Most of our jobs nowadays require long digital screen time with inappropriate sitting posture which first causes temporary discomfort with some symptoms reflecting the eye leading to permanent discomfort which doctors term as Computer Vision Syndrome. And with the increasing digitalization world, not only the people working with digital screens are facing this eye and vision problem but also small kids or broadly all generations are suffering with the computer vision syndrome and come up with new symptoms due to everything being online and dependency of the digital world increasing at a great extent.

The symptoms associated with digital eye strain are very general and make it difficult to get the idea to visit a doctor and this ignorance initially causes long-term vision problems. So, let’s understand what are the habits and issues that led to Computer Vision Syndrome and how are the symptoms of this syndrome reflected in people, and how it is diagnosed and treated.

Computer Vision Syndrome Symptoms

Digital eye strain is a combination of eye and vision problems. Working on computers and other digital devices makes us focus and unfocus all the time without giving time to the eyes to relax before putting the focus on something else. The eyes send multiple varying images to the brain as well and it is a lot of pressure on the eye muscles. The eye blink with less frequency when we are in front of a digital screen as compared to normally leading eyes to dry out and causing blurry vision in long term periodically working.

The general problems are itchy and teary eyes and dry and red eyes. Excessive watery and dry eyes are trouble for eye vision and cause other related disorders. The person keeps feeling tired, and uncomfortable and is unable to focus on work normally. A lot of pressure is put on the eye to concentrate and bring focus to something. This digital strain is very common in both children as well as adults with the kind of lifestyle we all are living. The workplace environment and posture of the person while working make a big difference and is a cause of Computer Vision Syndrome.

What are the Symptoms?

The digital eye strain or Computer Vision Syndrome has many different symptoms associated with it, from which most are ignored initially but then lead to permanent damage to our eyes hampering our vision for a lifetime.

Some of these symptoms are mentioned below-

  • Blurred vision
  • Double vision
  • Irritation in eyes
  • Headaches
  • Eye fatigue
  • Dry eyes
  • Neck and back pain

These symptoms are well mixed with other issues and by the time we get it diagnosed, permanent damage to our eyesight is done. Along with vision issues, there are other health and posture-related issues that become problematic for the person. Professional and personal life both suffer due to prolonged digital screen time.

Now, an interesting question that we need to focus on is, what are the basic causes of these symptoms?

  • Poor lighting where you are working
  • Inappropriate viewing distance between the system and you
  • Glare on the digital screen
  • Poor sitting/ working posture
  • Other uncorrected vision problems
  • A combination of all the above problems

These minor discomfort and wrong postures cause troubles of a prolonged lifelong vision disorder. The eyes and vision disorders bring a lot of other issues with itself

Computer Vision Syndrome Treatment

Diagnosis is done for the Computer Vision Syndrome by the doctor-

The doctor will perform a Comprehensive eye examination and the detailed eye and vision assessment includes-

  • The patient's history includes the distance from the screen while working, screen time throughout the day along with any medications he is on, and previous or any ongoing health problems.
  • Testing how the eyes move, focus and work together. For the eyes to have normal functioning, the eyes should move, focus and work all in sync and this testing will look for all the problems that are happening in the eye.

This testing might be done without eyedrops to analyze the normal seeing conditions.

Treatment of the Computer Vision Syndrome

Solutions to the various eye vision syndromes are varied and regular care of the eye and a better work environment.

  • Give rest to your eyes for 15-20 minutes after every 2 hours of digital use.
  • After every 20 minutes, distract yourself for at least 20 seconds from the screen and look at a distance of 20 feet away from the computer screen.
  • Reset the font of the text on the digital device to a bigger size.
  • Reduce the glare of all the light sources in your environment.
  • Place the computer screen in such a way that the center of the screen is 4-5 inches below your eye level.
  • Place your digital screen at least at an arm’s distance from you.
  • Always remember to blink often.
  • Do not slump on the computer screen and place your chair in such a way that your feet are resting properly on the floor while you are working.
  • Get a new pair of glasses.

These general care tips reduce Computer Vision Syndrome and help in better eye and vision health.

To treat dry eye issues, there are some tips advised by your care provider.

  • Use lubricating eye drops
  • Create a humid work environment
  • Stay hydrated and drink more fluids
  • Take the prescription to produce tear production

Create a better work environment to prevent eye strain. If you wear glasses or corrective lenses, get the examination of eye power done every year and bring some lifestyle changes to prevent and get Computer Vision Syndrome treatment before a lot of damage to the eyes is done. Also, get your daily health checkups done by the doctor to get timely updates on the health of your eyes and complete body.

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