Oculoplasty Treatment In Delhi

Oculoplastic And Cosmetic Enhancements: A Healing Touch

What Is Oculopasty?

Also known as the oculoplastic surgery, the term oculoplasty indicates different types of surgical procedures that can be done around the eyes and the surrounding areas of your face. From correcting the drooping eyelids to the troubles associated with the eyelids, everything comes under oculoplasty. The term ocular reconstructive surgery indicates the surgical procedures involving facial plastic surgery, eyelid surgery, and other cosmetic surgery.

Even though oculoplasty can be conducted for medical purposes; more often than not, doctors use these procedures for cosmetic reasons as well. Through oculoplasty, the doctors can offer comfort, improve functions and the appearance of your eyes and surrounding regions. Here is a list of problems that can be solved with the help of oculoplasty.

  • Tear Drainage Related Issues.
  • Skin cancer in the eyelids.
  • Eyelid malpositioning
  • Problems of the eye socket.
  • Eyebrows related issues.

Who Requires Oculoplasty?

While your ophthalmologist is the best judge to decide whether you do need oculoplasty or not, here is a list of symptoms that can lead a patient to oculoplasty. If you are suffering from any of the following issues, you might need an oculoplastic surgery.

  • Rapid blinking of the eyes.
  • Unnecessary twitching of the eyes.
  • Downward hanging eyelids.
  • Scars, wrinkles and folds around the eyes.
  • Eyelids tearing out or inside of the eyes.
  • Blocked tear ducts.
  • Excessive deposition of fats in the eyelids.
  • A tumour growing insider or surrounding the eyes.
  • Tumours in the orbits of the eyes.
  • Bulging eyes.

Best Place for Getting Oculoplasty

Being one of the top eye care centres in Delhi, we offer the best oculoplasty to our patients. We have a team of ophthalmologists specially trained in this field.

Oculoplasty is nothing but a merging field of ophthalmology and plastic surgery. Our expert team of ophthalmologists are practising in this field for years, and have the experience of dealing with some of the most complicated problems, like Ptosis, NLD block, Ectropion, Entropion etc.

We do not just jump at the oculoplasty whenever a patient comes to us. Instead, we examine the condition of our patients and determine their problems first.

Once that is done, our experts talk to the patients to suggest the appropriate type of oculoplasty they should avail. We offer the patients the full freedom to choose the type of surgery he or she wants. We also take special care before conducting any oculoplasty on children or adults as their eyes stay underdeveloped during this stage of growth.

We use the latest machines, and updated technology to conduct the surgeries. Our group of excellent ophthalmologists and state of the art facilities enable us to offer the best services to the patients. Together, we have made a complicated treatment option, like oculoplasty, seem like a cakewalk for our patients.

Being best oculoplastic surgeon in Delhi Dr Surya Kant Jha leads our team of ophthalmologists. Under his guidance and supervision, our team has been able to cater to the patients more efficiently.


Also known as the oculofacial plastic surgeon, the oculoplastic surgeon is a specialist who has gone through rigorous training under this field. As oculoplasty involves both plastic surgery and ophthalmology, the oculoplastic surgeon needs to study extensively in both of these fields.

The oculoplastic surgeon can treat patients with functional as well as cosmetic conditions that are related to the face, particularly, around the areas of the forehead, eyelids, eyes and the middle of the face.

This factor can vary from the one patients to the next as the procedures conducted on each patient is different. However, during the pre-operative discussion, the doctor will explain everything to you and make sure that you have all the information, medication and support to make the entire process as painless as possible.

The recovery time of the oculoplasty depends entirely on the types of procedure performed on the patients. Therefore, the recovery time is different for each patient. That being said, most of the oculoplastic procedures are simple and do not create many complications. The patients also experience little to no discomfort during recovery.

After getting the procedure you should get in touch with your eye care professional right away if you notice:

  • Pain that stays even after taking the medication.
  • Signs of any infection. Even if there is no pain, if you notice swelling and redness around the area, contact your doctor immediately.
  • Any incision that is separation or not healing as it should.
  • Vision getting worse.

  • You should avoid any activity that elevates your blood pressure for one to two weeks after the procedure is over.
  • It is better not to consume alcohol for at least one week after the procedure. If you consume alcohol regularly, you should inform your doctor about it.
  • Be careful while bathing for at least one week after the surgery is done. Ask your doctor if there are any special precautions you should take while taking the bath.
  • Prop your head up with a couple of pillows whenever you sleep or take rest. It will help with the swelling.