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LASIK/Specs Removal Surgery

LASIK Eye Surgery is the most popular vision correction surgery in the world. With LASIK becoming popular, millions of people are going for it to cure their vision-related problems. It has been able to correct some common refractive errors, like Myopia (Nearsightedness), Hyperopia (Farsightedness), and Astigmatism.

In specs removal surgery in Delhi, an ophthalmologist uses a laser beam to give a proper shape to the cornea and rectify the vision problem faced by the patient. The laser beam either flattens the cornea to cure Myopia or steepens the cornea to cure Hyperopia.

Well, an eye LASIK surgeon in Delhi has one of the best procedures in the field of eye care for ultimately getting enhanced vision and freedom from glasses or lenses.

However, one should remember that LASIK is not for everyone. Some people might not get the full benefit from it. One should consult a LASIK surgeon and go through a thorough evaluation to determine if they are suitable for a specs removal surgery in Delhi or not.

Types of LASIK Surgery

  • Bladeless Laser Method: 

In this procedure, the eye LASIK surgeon in Delhi doesn’t use any kind of blade for correcting the vision. Rather, the surgeon makes use of two types of laser to complete vision correction procedures. The lasers used for surgery are the Femtosecond Laser and the Excimer Laser. Either one or both types of lasers can be used. The femtosecond laser offers a precision of 5 microns, which isn’t possible for a blade to perform. On the other hand, the excimer laser is used for cornea reshaping. This process of bladeless laser surgery is a safe procedure. It allows a person to get a good-quality vision.

  • Blade LASIK Method: 

In this procedure, the eye LASIK surgeon uses a special blade, known as Microkeratome is used for creating the corneal flap. Once the flap is created, then the Excimer Laser is used for correcting the spectacle power. Modern microkeratomes can create flaps almost similar to the ones created by Femto Lasers.

  • Surface Laser Method: 

This procedure is suitable for people who can’t opt for regular LASIK and have a thin cornea. Talking with an eye lasik surgeon is recommended, to know about this specs removal surgery in Delhi.

Refractive Problems That LASIK Can Cure

Lasik surgery helps to cure different troubles related to refractive complications. Hence, this surgery method helps to rectify the following refractive difficulties:

  • Myopia: It is a medical term for nearsightedness. In this condition, one can only see an object near it. Far away objects get hazy.
  • Symptoms: One often complains about not being able to see the writings on the television screen, resulting in headaches and eye strain (if forcibly done).
  • Hyperopia: It is a medical term for farsightedness. In this condition, one can easily see the objects that are far off but faces difficulty with the close objects.
  • Astigmatism: It prevents the light from focusing on the retina of the eye at a particular angle. Due to the elliptical shape of the cornea the light curves unusually while going through the eyeball.
  • Symptoms: Certain symptoms of this condition are eyestrains; blinking; headache; hazy vision; and trouble driving (at night).

Who is Eligible For Undergoing Specs Removal Surgery

Don’t know if you are a suitable candidate for specs removal surgery/LASIK or not? Don’t worry! Get in touch with our eye specialist doctor today. After a proper evaluation of your eye, doctors will be able to tell if you are the right candidate for LASIK or other procedures that would be better for you.

There are certain prerequisites for the LASIK surgery. The candidate needs to be above 18 years of age and he/she should have a stable refraction. Also, a normal corneal profile and good corneal thickness are mandatory.

Factors Causing Refractive Errors

  • Eye Length: If the shape of your eye is too long or too short, it can affect your vision. You may be suffering from either nearsightedness or farsightedness.
  • Shape of the Cornea: A proper image is refracted if the lens is perfectly spherical. Astigmatism can occur if the cornea is unevenly shaped.
  • Shape of the Lens: There will be no refractive errors if the curve of the lens matches the shape of the cornea and is just perfect for the length of the eye. An imperfect lens curve leads to farsightedness (even shaped lens), nearsightedness (abruptly curved lens), and many other complications.

In today’s world, LASIK surgery has a far-reaching effect. So undergoing specs removal surgery in Delhi is considered the best way to get rid of any vision problems.

LASIK Surgery Cost in Delhi

The cost of LASIK surgery in Delhi depends on the technology chosen by the patient. The cost of bladeless LASIK surgery is a bit high when compared to the blade LASIK method. The average cost of specs removal surgery in Delhi ranges from INR 70,000 and INR 1,00,000 for both eyes.

Best Eye Lasik Surgeon in Delhi for Specs Removal Surgery

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Patient Feedback


LASIK is a vision correction surgery that is performed via laser. This surgery greatly reduces the dependence on glasses and lenses.

Only those who have a good chance of getting freedom from glasses or lenses are considered suitable for this surgery. Hence, with LASIK surgery, one won’t need to wear lenses or glasses.

LASIK is FDA approved; hence, this eye-surgery is completely safe for people with a refractive error or vision problems.

No. You will need someone to take you back home. It is because the vision will remain slightly blurry after the surgery.

To know whether LASIK would be suitable for you or not, consider a complete eye evaluation from a doctor. They can guide you on it.