What to expect before, during and after lasik eye surgery?

LASIK eye surgery is one of the most popular eye vision corrections in the world. It is very successful to treat various vision refractive errors like myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism with a high success rate and great effectiveness. LASIK surgery stands for Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis vision correction surgery and is a good alternative option for the removal of glasses and contact lenses. LASIK treatment has undergone a lot of innovations over the decades with the latest laser vision correction procedures such as Bladeless Femto LASIK, and Relex SMILE laser treatment. LASIK eye surgery involves laser-assisted corneal curvature correction with a small flap treated with advanced laser technology. EVA vision has an experienced team of doctors to perform the best LASIK eye surgery in Delhi.

Types of Lasik Surgery

Bladeless laser treatment method

In this LASIK procedure, no blades are used, instead, the surgeon uses two different lasers to do vision correction for the patient. The lasers that can be used for this treatment are the Femtosecond laser and the Excimer laser. The precision provided by the Femtosecond laser is 5 microns which is impossible with the blade method. On the other hand, the Excimer laser is for cornea reshaping for vision correction. The bladeless procedures are safe, and efficient and let the person recover fast and lead to a quicker good quality of vision.

Blade LASIK treatment method

In this procedure, the surgeon uses a special blade known as a Microkeratome to create a flap in the cornea of the person. Once the flap is created, then the Excimer laser is used to do the vision correction leading to the removal of the glasses. The flap created by the Microkeratome is similar to the one done by the Femtosecond laser.

Surface laser method

This procedure is for people with thin cornea who can’t undergo normal LASIK surgery. Consultation with a doctor is recommended to get to know more about this method of vision correction.

All these types of LASIK surgeries are preceded by a doctor's proper examination has several things to be taken care of before, during, and after the LASIK eye surgery. The expectations regarding any procedure or treatment should be set once the doctor finds you suitable to undergo the surgery.

Here is now, we will see what to do and what to expect from the LASIK vision correction treatment.

Before Surgery

LASIK surgery has a very high success rate and is very effective but still, a proper examination is necessary before choosing LASIK for yourself as a vision correction procedure. When you visit a doctor for LASIK surgery, the baseline examination will be done to analyze whether you are ready to undergo LASIK treatment or not. For the baseline examination, there are some precautions that you need to take before your appointment. As the Pre- Lasik examination determines the suitability of the person for the Lasik treatment and also which type of Lasik treatment is suitable for him.

If you wear contact lenses, you should stop wearing contact lenses and switch to your regular glasses before the examination. The cornea shape changes on wearing the contact lenses for several weeks and the quality of contact lenses play a major role in that.

As a part of Pre- Lasik examination, the complete patient history, comprehensive eye examination of vision, eye power, eye pressure, corneal curvature evaluation, optic nerve, and retinal evaluation are done. The general health, eye health, and thickness of the cornea are examined as the cornea should be thick for the flap required for the surgery.

During Surgery

Numbing eye drops

Before starting the Lasik procedure, the initial step is to put the eye drops to numb the eye so that the patient is at ease. There is no use of anesthesia or any kind of injections given to the patient as it is a quick 15-20 minutes procedure.

Eye cleaning

To prevent any infection, the area around the eye is cleaned properly with betadine and no touching of the face is allowed after the eye cleaning procedure.


During the procedure, a special cutting laser is used to change the shape of the cornea to improve the vision of the eye. The laser beam used by the ophthalmologist either flattens the cornea for curing myopia or steepens the cornea for curing hyperopia. The process of the Lasik treatment is painless and very effective.

After Surgery

Once the surgery is completed, the patient may feel discomfort, burning and itching, teary eyes along with redness. The vision stays hazy and blurry and the patient may experience soreness around the treated eye for a few days. Several precautions have to be taken after the surgery for the symptoms to cure.

Regular follow-ups

Several follow-ups are done post-surgery to keep proper track of the recovery of the patient. The first follow-up is done after 1 day of the surgery and then after equal intervals for several months.

Do’s and Don’t after the surgery

  • Rubbing of the eye should be avoided.
  • Avoid dirty water and dust entering your eyes for the initial 3 weeks.
  • Shower carefully so that no tap water and soap enter your eyes
  • Avoid eye makeup for 3 weeks
  • Avoid swimming, gardening, and dusting for an initial 1 week to avoid any load on the eyes.
  • Exercising should be avoided for an initial 1 week and sweat should be avoided to enter your eyes for at least 3 weeks.
  • Use sunglasses for at least 3-4 weeks whenever stepping outside.

Complete vision stabilization of the eyes takes around 6 months. Intermittent blurriness and night vision disturbances are very common in this period. The effectiveness and safety associated with laser surgery depend on the experience of the surgeon.

The LASIK surgery cost in Delhi depends on the type of laser surgery chosen by the patient or recommended by the surgeon and also depends on the experience of the surgeon.

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